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This month’s featured videos


Here are stories that members of Good News Ministries want to share with you about how their lives have been blessed by Jesus Christ through the videos and daily reflections of Terry Modica and her Good News Ministries team. As you listen to the blessings they received, think about the blessings you have received from Jesus. Please share them in the comments box below.

What problems do you have right now? Using the scriptures of Sirach 24, Psalm 147, Ephesians 1:3-6, and the Gospel of John 1:1-8, listen to Jesus speaking to you about your problems, lifting you up, giving you his victory and healing.

In the Liturgy of the Word at Mass when the scriptures are read, Jesus comes to us as the Word. Since Catholicism is a bible-based Church, our Sunday liturgies give us four readings to ponder (and three on weekdays).

Jesus is speaking to us! This is why readers of the Word have the duty to proclaim the scriptures well. Jesus is speaking to us! This is why we have the duty to listen well. And if a word or phrase sends your mind wandering, seek Jesus in that, too, for he might be speaking to you on a personal level.

What problem is on your mind? Jesus wants to speak to you about this. He wants to give you victory over it. He wants to breathe new life into it. We’ve created this video meditation so you can hear the voice of Jesus speaking to you.

Why do you believe that the Good News about Jesus needs to be spread throughout the world?” Hear the inspiring answers by seven members of Good News  Ministries. Thank you, Carlos Ribero, Tracy Pham, Lyn Liff, Jim Scofield, Annabelle Williams, Tony Oquias, and Mary Reichel for sharing yourself with us!

How much does the joy of Christ’s Spirit affect your daily life? The joy that comes from recognizing the presence of Jesus is God’s Christmas gift to us. It’s a joy that’s meant to last all year. The verses of Luke 1:30-44 shows Elizabeth and her unborn son, John, reacting to the nearness of the unborn Christ. We know that Elizabeth immediately understood that Mary was pregnant with the Lord, because this Gospel passage says she was filled with the Holy Spirit. But how could the fetal John understand? How could he leap for joy while still in the womb?