Part 4. God’s Amazing Word: Do You Believe It? (Acts 9:32-35)

In Acts 9:32-35, we see one of many examples in scripture of miraculous healings that resulted in people converting to Christ Jesus. Today, God still wants to convert people by providing his love through supernatural power, because this convinces people that Jesus is real.

2 thoughts on “Part 4. God’s Amazing Word: Do You Believe It? (Acts 9:32-35)

  1. Genevieve Mauger

    I’m beginning a catechism class for 5 or six children of different ages whose parents do not practice the faith. I may be the only person who will evangelize these kids. Please pray that I may make a difference in their lives and give suggestions for what to do

  2. Justin

    Continuing to pray…..may the world know that Jesus the Christ is truly present and active as He promised through the Eucharist to the faithful then to the world! Praise His holy Name!


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