The Healing Hands of Jesus

Shouldn’t miracles of healing be more common today? In this episode of Good News for Today, based on John 4:46-53, Ralph and Terry Modica deal with the question of why Jesus healed so readily in scripture but he is not answering ALL our prayers for healings today.

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2 thoughts on “The Healing Hands of Jesus

  1. Matilda

    Healing Testimony
    Praise and Glory to God – Thank you Jesus!
    Dear Ralph and Terry,
    I am a regular member of GNM, which has helped me grow closer to God in all your reflections and video posts. Here is a wonderful testimony of this morning, 17th March 2018. I had sprained my right foot very badly on the 1st of March, and had plaster. Within four days my right leg was OK and I removed the plaster, but then whenever I walked or stood, there was swelling of my feet and if I rested the swelling would go. I decided that I will see the doctor on Monday 19th March, as this is not a good sign. But today, 17th March, in the morning as I watched your video on “The Healing Hands of Jesus”, I sincerely prayed with strong belief with you two (the ending prayer) and promised myself to change the areas in my life where it need to be changed. OH what an awesome God we have! A wonderful miracle! My right foot ankle got healed completely at the end of prayer. All praises to God almighty. Thank you Abba Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit. God Bless you both in your ministry. I too lift your ministry and pray for you both in my daily prayers. Assuring you of my prayers.


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