Welcome to our Virtual Retreat Space

Hidden Water Way

Come away from your stress and busy life. Visit with God in our virtual meditation center.

As you listen to the peaceful music, take a few minutes to separate yourself from normal life. Prepare to enter into sacred space.

Close the door. Dim the lights. Shut out the sounds and sights of life outside the sacred space you’re creating in the room where you are sitting.

The walls and ceiling of this room are almost invisible to Jesus and the Saints in heaven. There is very little separating you from the divine.

Give yourself time to be alone with Jesus. Tell him how you feel right now.

Tell him why you need peace.

Thank him for being with you all the time.

Acknowledge that he cares about you far more than you can imagine.

Invite Jesus to journey with you into the Virtual Reality Retreat below.

Slow down, don’t hurry. When you’re ready, pause the music button above, then click on the image below to enter into it. You’ll enter near a brook. Take your time looking around, continuing in prayer, and eventually find your way to “The Yard”. Explore it. A video message awaits you at the house. And then walk through Jasmine Lane to “The Gardens”. After entering this third space, you’ll find a reflection for each day of the week.

Explore and discover what’s available by pushing the image left or right (360°). Click twice to expand it to full-screen view. More tips below.

Virtual Reality Retreat


  • Click once to toggle the hotspots and other icons on or off.
  • Click the hotspots to experience what’s available in this retreat.
  • Three dots in the right upper corner will open or close the tools bar.
  • The tools bar includes icons for navigation help, turning sound off and on, information about our virtual space, sharing this space with your friends,  commenting, and liking. (Commenting and liking require signing up at RoundMe; it’s free.)

On phones and tablets:

  • When it starts, you’ll be asked to allow sound. If this does not work right away, click “allow” again.
  • If the virtual image crashes, you don’t have enough available memory on your device.
  • Do not use the Round Me app, which is for VR goggles and does not include the hotspots.